The acoustic quality of wool felt is a crucial factor in interior design and decoration projects.

Natural wool felt by Textil Olius for Interior Design and Acoustics.

Acoustics is a critical consideration in the design of shared spaces such as offices, work centres, hotels, conference centres, theatres, exhibition centres, public buildings, etc.

Constant background noise and sound reverberation can negatively affect the user experience, productivity and even well-being of those working in shared spaces. We know that acoustic absorption is a crucial aspect to consider in interior design.

Natural wool felt is a highly effective material for acoustic absorption in shared spaces. It is a non-woven material produced by compressing and interlacing natural wool fibres.

At Textil Olius, we specialize in the manufacturing of natural wool felts.

At Textil Olius, we are specialised in the production of natural wool felts for interior design.

The texture, structure and density of our felts allow them to absorb the sound waves and convert them into heat.

Additionally, their high sound absorption capacity significantly reduces reverberation, improving the quality of activities and social interactions in the spaces where they are installed.

The acoustic absorption capacity of natural wool felt can be enhanced by its application in acoustic panel systems, partitions, curtains, dividers, booths, walls, and any other structural or ephemeral element that a space may require to provide the best acoustic performance and user experience.

For any of the applications above, at Textil Olius we can also manufacture acoustically transparent wool felts that do not interfere with the function of other absorbent materials.

Panels and other acoustic elements are highly customizable and so are our felts, which can be adapted in terms of shape, dimensions, and thickness to meet the specific requirements of each project.

Our exclusive dyeing process provides even more versatility to the material.

We can dye to a wide range of predefined colours and, if necessary, reproduce on demand any colour that the project requires, fitting into any style and ambience.

In addition, we can apply special treatments and finishes to our products (such as waterproof, fire-retardant, anti-mould, anti-pilling, anti-static, anti-stain, anti-moth, extra-lightfastness, anti-slip finish, self-adhesive, and cutting service) to provide them with the necessary properties for use in commercial, institutional, and industrial projects.

In addition to their acoustic and aesthetic features, our wool felts, which use 100% natural materials, are an environmentally responsible option.