Interior Design with Creativity and Energy Efficiency.

Interior Design with Creativity and Energy Efficiency by Textil Olius.

The constant search for spaces with personality, practicality, creativity, and durability is how architects, interior designers, designers, and promoters develop their projects worldwide.

Each space is an expression of the style and personality of those who design it while at the same time presenting a technical challenge for those who execute it.

Using materials that do not limit creativity and combine aesthetics and sustainability is crucial.

In recent years, ecological materials have become essential in interior design.

Offering the best performance and adapting to the demands of interior design, natural wool felts have become a highly valued and used material for enhancing the personality of each space.

Designers and promoters are fully committed to reducing the carbon footprint of constructions, and space users, whether for leisure or work, are increasingly aware of the importance of using sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.

Natural wool felts are the key to designing memorable and efficient spaces.

Natural wool felts are an example of a sustainable material as they are, made from natural wool and therefore are biodegradable and recyclable.

At Textil Olius, we specialize in the manufacture of natural wool felts and work to provide designers, planners, promoters, and contractors with the solution they need for the spaces they imagine, design, and build.

We are accredited with the most demanding quality certifications and the trust of design, interior design, and decoration professionals who use our products in their projects.

The construction and decorative elements that incorporate natural wool felt give spaces greater energy efficiency.

Another indisputably important aspect of interior design and construction is energy efficiency.

Buildings are responsible for a large part of the world’s energy consumption, and using materials that help make spaces more energy-efficient is essential.

On top of other essential benefits, wool felt has excellent insulation properties which help to reduce heat loss in buildings.

From a design perspective, our natural wool felts are highly versatile.

Our ability to customize measurements and colours allows us to provide interior design and decoration professionals with tailored solutions for any project.