Natural wool felt: versatility and protection in furniture design.

Natural wool felts by Textil Olius for the manufacture of office furniture.

Natural wool felts by Textil Olius for the manufacture of office furniture, a JG Group product.

Natural wool felt is a highly valued material in furniture design; its incredible versatility and resistance make it a versatile and very efficient option.

At Textil Olius, we offer a wide range of natural wool felt products, in standard and made-to-measure qualities, which can be used as a covering material, thus taking advantage of all its chromatic possibilities and aesthetic qualities, and also as a protective element for surfaces, legs and supports of all types of furniture.

Natural wool felt for fashion accessories by Textil Olius

The best brands of office furniture use natural wool felt from Textil Olius.

Our natural wool felts are easy to cut, and their maintenance does not require complex or costly processes, making them a preferential option for reference brands in manufacturing office furniture, such as JG Open systems, for example.

Work tables, desk complements such as drawers, storage trays or partition panels with acoustic insulation properties are some of the differential elements in which natural wool felt provides a practical and aesthetic differential value.

On the other hand, using our natural wool felt, a soft and non-abrasive material, guarantees that furniture is protected against rubbing against other surfaces and, on the other hand, that floors are protected from scratches, scrapes and marks caused by furniture movement.

The exceptional natural wool felt protections for vertical supports protect the furniture on which they are installed and the surfaces on which they are placed in the same way and also help to reduce noise when moving the furniture.

Natural wool felt is a sustainable and environmentally friendly material.

At Textil Olius, we are proud to offer high-quality natural wool felt products manufactured using sustainable and environmentally friendly techniques.

Our manufacturing process minimises water usage and carbon footprint. We use a significant part of the residual fibres and waste generated throughout the industrial process, avoiding their deposition in landfills.

We have our water purification plant to eliminate any harmful substances.

The main quality certifications endorse all Textil Olius products. They are made with high-quality raw materials from suppliers who share our commitment to sustainability.