Natural wool felt the fashionable material for accessories and footwear.

Textil Olius, Natural wool felts for the manufacture of fashion accessories and footwear.

Natural wool felt is a versatile and durable material that has been used for centuries in the textile industry.

Today it is a widely used material in the fashion industry for the manufacture of accessories and footwear due to its ease of cutting and handling, as well as the wide range of colours available and the variety of unique treatments that can be applied depending on the use of the final product.

Designers and manufacturers are joining the sector trend and committing to making products using natural and environmentally friendly materials; natural wool felts meet this growing demand from consumers and users.

In addition, our manufacturing process is carried out to minimise the carbon footprint, making our products a sustainable option that makes the most of resources and aims for “zero waste”.

Product durability is a growing value in the fashion and footwear sector.

Our natural wool felts are ideal for creating bags, wallets, cases and other accessories in manufacturing fashion accessories.

Natural wool provides a soft, warm texture that is highly appreciated by designers for its creative possibilities and highly valued by consumers for its eye-catching appearance, durability and easy care.

On the other hand, the material’s versatility allows for a wide variety of designs and styles, from the most traditional to the most modern and avant-garde.

In the manufacture of footwear, natural wool felts are an excellent option for producing any shoe, be it casual shoes, dress shoes, trainers or children’s shoes. It is a material that provides superior cushioning and superb thermal insulation, making it suitable for the manufacture of summer and winter footwear.

High-density natural wool felt with the proper treatment is resistant to water and wear, ensuring  quality and durability.

Natural wool felt for fashion accessories by Textil Olius
Natural wool felt for footwear by Textil Olius

Sustainable fashion is a priority, and contributing to it is our commitment.

According to industry organisations’ estimates, around 23 billion pairs of shoes are produced yearly.

In the fashion accessories sector, handbags are the fastest-growing category. Industry studies predict that by 2026, the high-end handbag market will generate almost $80 billion in sales. Although there are no statistics on how many handbags are produced each year, the turnover of this segment speaks for itself.

With these magnitudes, it is easy to get an idea of the enormous environmental impact derived from the activity of fashion accessories and footwear manufacturers.

At Textil Olius, we contribute to the sustainable transformation of the sector with our natural wool felts made with high-quality raw materials and using environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

“Green & slow fashion” is a growing trend in the fashion industry, and our natural wool felts fully converge with it..