The broadest range of colours enhances the personality of any interior design project.

Natural wool felt enhances the personality of any interior design project. Textil Olius.

Natural wool felts are a versatile and attractive material that has become popular in interior design for workspaces, hotels, congress centres, museums, cultural spaces, and more. Its exceptional decorative properties are combined with its effectiveness in sound absorption.

At Textil Olius, we manufacture and supply natural wool felts dyed in various colours, suitable for any decorative style and interior design. It is a valuable resource for interior design professionals.

Natural wool felt is a valuable resource for interior design professionals.

Interior designers are familiar with and use our natural wool felts as a distinctive element in their projects because, from the softest and most discreet tones to the most vibrant and bold colours, they can enrich the personality of spaces while also providing the best acoustic performance.

Our felts are suitable for large surfaces and elements of various sizes and shapes, allowing custom designs to be incorporated into acoustic panels, screens, curtains, dividers, or booths. They can also create graphic designs and decorative patterns on large surfaces and walls.

Regarding small-size decorative elements, our natural wool felts are excellent for creating smaller interior design pieces such as lamps, curtains, and rugs, adding a distinctive touch of colour and texture to any space. These elements are an excellent way to differentiate environments and add personality and style to areas.

We are committed to responsible and sustainable interior design.

Felt is a highly durable and resistant material, making interior design elements made with natural wool felts an excellent long-term investment.

At Textil Olius, we constantly review and update our facilities and processes to minimize our carbon footprint, and our suppliers share our commitment to sustainability.