The best performance for all sectors of industry.

Textil Olius natural wool felts for the different needs of the industry.

Industrial sectors have different needs and requirements in their production processes and product handling, storage and shipping.

At Textil Olius, we are experts in the manufacturing of natural wool felts of different thicknesses and densities, which allows us to adapt to the specific requirements of each sector of activity.

In the automotive and railway industry, for example, our felts are used as anti-vibration elements for components and wiring, as their density and composition are ideal for these applications.

They are also used in the metallurgical industry to clean and protect metal sheets during manufacturing. In this case, the density of the felt is crucial to ensure the right effect.

For every need, we have an efficient solution with natural wool felt.

In the baking industry, our felts are used to produce bread and for baking at high temperatures. The thickness and density of the felt are crucial to ensure even baking and to avoid burnt products.

In addition, our felts are used in construction, the production of acoustic and insulating panels, and interior decoration.

The versatility of our products and our industrial capabilities allow us to adapt to each customer’s specific needs and offer efficient solutions in all sectors.

Regarding technical specifications, our natural wool felts are available in different thicknesses, ranging from 0.8 mm to 30 mm, and in different densities, ranging from 0.10 g/cm³ to 0.44 g/cm³.

These variations in thickness and density allow our products to be used in a wide range of applications, from manufacturing small parts to producing large panels and structures.

A natural material with high durability.

Our high-density natural wool felts are resistant to abrasion and deformation, ensuring durability and strength in various working environments. In addition, we offer felts in different colours and finishes to meet each customer’s specific needs.

In short, at Textil Olius, we are committed to offering efficient, sustainable and customised solutions for each industry sector, thanks to the versatility and adaptability of our natural wool felts.