Natural wool felt in haberdashery: an essential element.

Natural wool felts by Textil Olius for the production of haberdashery products.

Natural wool felt is an exceptionally versatile and easy-to-handle material, characteristics that support its increasing use in the haberdashery sector.

Ease of handling and adaptability.

Due to its compact and malleable structure, wool felt can be easily cut, sewn, shaped and decorated, allowing crafters and designers to shape their creations with precision and creativity.

Natural wool felt offers endless possibilities, whether to create flowers, bows, appliqués or any other embellishment or craft.

As haberdashery is a sector where novelty, originality, variety of shapes and colours, and the different uses of the elements created are highly appreciated values, at Textil Olius, we manufacture and supply the widest variety of colours, applying on demand the particular treatments that each product requires.

From small ornaments to large appliqués, natural wool felt allows our customers to create unique, personalised and sustainable pieces.

Natural wool felts by Textil Olius for a wide range of haberdashery products.
Natural wool felts by Textil Olius for stylish haberdashery products.
Natural wool felts by Textil Olius for cute haberdashery products.

The haberdashery sector is booming in Europe.

The haberdashery industry plays a significant role in the European garment industry. According to recent data, the market for haberdashery products is estimated to reach a value of several billion euros in the coming years.

This sector covers a wide range of products, from buttons and ribbons to lace and other applications, and provides essential elements for the manufacture of clothing, accessories and household goods.

Within the haberdashery sector, natural wool felt plays a key role. Its adaptability and ease of handling make it a highly appreciated material by designers and artisans who increasingly value and use natural, environmentally friendly products with a minimal carbon footprint.

In addition to its versatility, natural wool felt offers other essential advantages. Its durability and strength ensure that haberdashery products made from natural wool felt are high quality and will last over time.

Its soft and pleasant-to-the-touch texture adds aesthetic and sensory value to the creations.

Textil Olius natural wool felts are available in a complete range of thicknesses, allowing haberdashery designers to select the right consistency for each item.

The high-quality natural wool guarantees strength and durability.

With the ever-growing market for haberdashery products, the availability of top-quality natural wool felts, such as those made by Textil Olius, allows designers and artisans to create unique and durable pieces that stimulate interest and maintain the loyalty of an ever-demanding clientele.