An exceptional choice for quality saddles: natural wool felt.

Natural wool felt from Textil Olius is an exceptional choice for manufacturing high-quality saddles.

Natural wool felt offers several characteristics that make it ideal for manufacturing saddles.

Its strength and durability enable saddles using our felt to withstand the demands of both intensive and sporadic riding and to maintain their qualities over time.

On the other hand, its capacity for adaptation and conformability allows the saddles to adjust comfortably to the shape of the horse and rider, providing excellent balance and comfort whether at a walk, galloping, jumping or in any circumstance.

Wool felt is a natural, easy-to-handle, low-maintenance material for durable and comfortable saddles.

The saddle sector is a dynamic and demanding market, especially in countries with a long-established equestrian tradition, such as France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Sweden, to name a few of the leading European benchmarks.

According to the latest industry data, France is one of Europe’s primary producers and consumers of saddles, with a growing demand for premium quality products. French saddle makers and artisans value excellence and look for materials that meet the highest standards.

In this context, Textil Olius’ natural wool felt is a highly demanded option for its quality, durability and comfort.

Versatility, durability and high-level performance have placed natural wool felt among the materials most highly valued by artisans and saddle manufacturers. This material contributes to positioning products at the top of the demanding world of horse riding.

The passion for riding is growing in Europe.

Germany has a strong equestrian tradition and a large number of riding enthusiasts. It hosts numerous high-level events and competitions and has an extensive network of equestrian clubs and centres.

The UK has a long history of love for horses and riding. The riding tradition is robust in England, Scotland and Wales, where horse racing, show jumping and dressage events are internationally renowned.

The Netherlands also has a solid equestrian culture, with broad participation in different disciplines, such as show jumping, dressage and harness riding. The country has top-level equestrian facilities and many riding clubs and schools.

In Northern Europe, horse riding is very popular in Sweden, with a robust equestrian infrastructure, prestigious competitions, and renowned equestrian events.

Horse sports are experiencing a period of popularity and proliferation of facilities, implying a growing demand for all kinds of products related to the different disciplines and levels of expertise.

Quality saddle craftsmanship requires quality products such as natural wool felt.

Saddle-making is a very artisan discipline where every detail matters. Artisans dedicated to this noble task find in the natural wool felt of Textil Olius a valuable ally.

Its easy cutting and moulding allow artisans to shape each saddle component, guaranteeing impeccable precision and finish.

Natural wool felt offers a unique aesthetic, respectful of traditional canons, ideally suited to high-end saddles’ elegance and prestige.